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Tech News Today 1: The Beard And The Blonde

by TWiT

Published June 1, 2010

Google ditches Windows, Adobe's new iPad developer tools, and, oh yeah, and it's Becky and Tom's first episode!

Guest: Hunter Newby of Allied Fiber

Run time 45:43
Producer TWiT
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Tom Merritt
Becky Worley
Leo Laporte
Erik Lanigan
Guest: Hunter Newby, CEO of Allied Fiber



Intro with Leo
Leo Laporte helps kick off the inaugural show of TNT.

Google ditches Windows
Google bans Windows due to security concerns according to Google employees.

Microsoft voices concerns over Google
Microsoft complains to the FCC over Google's market dominance.

Summary of Computex 2010
Tom summarizes the new announcements coming out of Computex in Taiwan including the new Windows 7 embedded tablets.

Becky's Calendar
Becky talks about what may happen in upcoming events including D8 Conference, Apple WWDC, and the repercussions of Quit Facebook Day.

CEO of Tesla Motors having financial problems
What is the future of Tesla with the CEO reportedly out of money?

Publishers want universal ebook format
Publishers want their books to be accessible across all platforms and not limited to Apple and Amazon devices.

New York Book Expo
New ebook readers and the future of book sales

IRS wants cut from Ebay action
IRS is going after people making over $20000 on Ebay and Craigslist.

Roomba that destroys people
iRobot creates a weaponized robot that shoots missles to clear minefields

Jabra survey on driving habits
The survey shows people's driving habits are worse than expected and not always due to texting.

Becky's device of the day
Becky demonstrates the Silken Hair Removal system on Tom

Todd from Riverside asks about Leo's recommendation of Orkut

MC Fisticuffs & Steve


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